The Keys of Liberation

Painful emotions start dissolving
when we are willing to accept them.

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Coaching and introduction in how to use the Keys of Liberation

I teach how to start using the Keys of Liberation. I do so by helping you looking at an issue you want to find out about, either it is a repeated situation that trigger you or a physical pain. What ever you want to start with. Or simply if you want to learn how to apply the keys in your daily life.

We always start with a conversation where you tell about yourself so I get an impression of you and your life. Then I help you to find the memory. If you wish, I lead you back in time by a relaxing technique so that your soul can show you what you need to look at. Or if it's difficult for you to find it in your own consciousness, I use my skills of going back in time to help you see. I am able to see what causes the pain in your energy field.

The timeframe for this varies according your issue and the circumstanses. It usually takes 1-3 hours. I always give you plenty of time to finish what you have started.

Price: NOK 750,-   How much is a Norwegian krone NOK ?

I have a Skype account so please connect on email to get details and to make an appointment. We can use Skype without picture, if you wish. If you prefer to use telephone, I will give you my number.

If you wish councelling on email in how to use the Keys of Liberation, please contact me. email From NOK Kr 250,-

If you prefer to transfer to my bank instead of PayPal, my bank account number is 9235 1868408 (BNbank)  Swift: KBNONO22  IBAN:NO7792351868408



I do not see myself as a therapist,
but as a counselor in how you can learn this tecnique.

Greetings, Inger Susæg

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