The story about Master Moses
and the Prophet Muhammad

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December 5th 2012
Revised February 18th 2014

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 A different approach to find solutions to the conflicts in the Middle East.
The great Master Moses played a central role in both Jewish and Muslim history, has given me information to this article. 
How I got in contact with him.
He was the Prophet Muhammad also.

During the last 10 years, I have worked with the human history by release work. It means I have helped old human souls known from history, to forgive to let go of the emotional pain from the lives they lived on Earth.  It has led to that I have developed ability to communicate with the masters in the higher dimensions. By this, the background of the conflicts in the Middle East has become more and more clear to me.

I have also over the last years become aware of how the human population has been programmed by masters.  Many of the programmings have been done in attempts to find solutions to stop the bad and negative ways of behavior among humans. No one in higher dimensions have known where the bad behavior came from. The masters did not understand that they, themselves, were infiltrated by dark particles from another galaxy already long before the human race was born. They only partially had their own perception to see how to find good solutions.

When the masters decided to create a picture of one god that everybody could turn to, it was because they wanted the human beings to have one mutual understanding. They knew that the particles needed one truth, one way of understanding life, to make humanity live in peace with each other. Abraham was a kind and good man who was pointed out to start the "one god movement". Therefore he and all his family, and all those who were married into his family were programmed strongly to believe in one god. This was the start of Jewish history and those programmings have been the reason that the Jewish people have felt like one people, having the same faith until recently.

Abraham was living further east, but was asked by voices inside his head to move with his family westwards for the reason seen from above: By living at the end of the Mediterranean; the place would be central both for northern, eastern and western areas and for the African continent. This was the masters' purpose. They meant it was a central place for monotheism (one god belief) to grow from. When Abraham's family settled there for the first time, there were no conflicts. He found a nice place where there was farming land for himself and his family.

We know from the story in the bible, that already in the 4th generation, Abraham's family moved to Egypt. Jacob's sons went there to get help during a hunger period and their families moved there after they met their brother Joseph who had become close to Pharaoh. If you don't know the story from the bible; They were 12 brothers and Joseph was the second youngest. When they were young, the brothers were very envies of Joseph because he was his father's dearest child. One day when they were away from home, they tried to get rid of him by putting him in an empty well, far from people.  They told their old father a lie, that he was torn to death by wild animals. They sold Joseph to Egyptian trading people as a slave. They brought him to Egypt. To make a long story short; he eventually became a wise man who had the ability to see beyond. He gave advises to Pharaoh and was accepted in Egypt. (I know that he was a master who was programmed to spread the belief about one god when incarnating.  Therefore, he incarnated in that family.)  Some years later, during hunger, his brothers came to Egypt to get grain to survive. Joseph, recognized his brothers and forgave them. This led to that the entire family of descendants of Abraham moved to Egypt. They were all programmed to believe in one god. They lived in Egypt for three hundred years and grew to be a group of several hundred people called the Israelites. That was the situation when Moses was born. At that time a less good situation had developed between the Egyptians and the Israelis because of their belief in one god.  

Because of difficult conditions, when Moses was born, he was put out on the Nile in a basket by his Israelite mother. Pharaoh's daughter found him, gave his mother the task to breastfeed him and look after him as a baby. He grew up as an Egyptian, close to Pharaoh, able to attend to the Egyptian Mystery school, which was the plan when he incarnated.  He was a master who programmed himself before he incarnated, to bring to the world the belief in one god to create one mutual understanding.  (Moses was actually Joseph's master brother, both had the origin in Bh's old Lemurian universe, both very loving and kind.)

A long time had passed and Moses had become an ascended master of Egyptian tradition when he was called to bring the Israelite people to where their ancestors had come from. He was bewildered, because he felt like an Egyptian. He knew there were many masters in the higher dimensions. He experienced seeing and talking to them because he was enlightened, similar to what I do today. He tells me that he meant the Israelite people could live in Egypt and bring the understanding of one god to people wherever they lived. So when he was called to bring the people who originally had developed from the 12 brothers, out of Egypt, he tells me, he disagreed. He says, he felt that someone took over him by force to make him do what the history tells. He was programmed very strongly by a master who wanted them to live where they had come from.
He was there for them when they went through the desert to go back to the land where they had lived before. However, long time had passed and the 12 brothers had grown to be several hundred. Moses tells me, he did not agree in the task that was given him. He did not want to bring a huge group of people into an area where people of a different language and religion had settled in the meanwhile. He did not want to create conflicts. He is a very peace loving man. That is the reason the Israelite people lived for 40 years in the desert.

Moses didn't find any solutions. The messages he got from "god" was not right for him. He had to be true to himself. At last, he found out, he had to go back to higher dimensions to find out how to lead the Israelite people. He had passed the great initiation in the Egyptian mystery school and was a master who could manifest by the help of his thoughts. Like the Bible tells, he manifested "manna" on the ground (food that was like honey cake), to eat while they were in the desert.

He actually ascended. It means, being a master who had learned particle wisdom in the Egyptian mystery school, he was able to make his physical body become an ethereal body by concentration. In a 12 times enlightened human being, the particles are able to change from spinning as atoms to spin as ethereal Flower of Life balls.  He also did it by the help of his master tool, the ankh. He had all the time in the desert brought his ankh, the crystal creator stick that was all Egyptian Pharaohs' and Masters' tool to manifest matter. It was kept in the holiest room in the Tabernacle, the tent that worked as temple for the Israelites. It was his master secret that was never revealed to the people and thus never known in the bible or by history writers .

The picture shows the great Master Thoth with his Ankh. He was the master who grounded the Egyptian mystery school and built The great pyramide in Giza.

However, Moses tells me, that when he came to the 12th dimension he immediately was taken over by a being, who was very dark and who had programmed all the masters to be him... and who called himself god. Thus Moses forgot everything he had planned.. He was actually gone for a long time, just consisting of knowingness of the particles he consists of.  Joshua, the man he had pointed out to be the leader, brought the Israelites to the area where they had lived before. (March 4th 2013: I realize today that Joshua was the same soul that later incarnated as Jeshua - Jesus)

By the time of Jesus' life on Earth, Moses had found back to be himself and wanted to participate in bringing a message about living in forgiveness and peace to the humans. He was planning to descend in one of the disciples, Andreas, that was of his own energy and had started to weave his energy into him when Jesus unexpectedly died on the cross. Andreas was not ready yet at that point. He would have had to release his emotional baggage and be free of negative thought forms, to be able for Moses to be him. Moses wanted to be a world teacher along with Jesus.

After Jesus died, Moses was engaged in higher dimension, but as we now know, nobody knew where the negative energy came from. He was engaged in the same area where he had lived as Moses and could see that the ways of thinking "an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth" was very wrong. He was very engaged in telling human beings that revenge does not work, but leads to pain and hostile ways of thinking.  He wanted to teach forgiveness and how to love.

Eventually he decided to descend in a good and loving man again. He lived in the land of Arabia. He decided to be Muhammad and to make him an enlightened being. He taught his soul about the main teachings about the Flower of Life from the Egyptian mystery school, programmed his frequency to raise over time and told him about his mission to be one who would bring the same messages as Jesus; how to release by forgiving and leaving pain behind. How to see other people as brothers and sisters. He became Muhammad and at the same time he was his higher Self, able to give messages from a higher perspective. 

However he wasn't aware of until recently that a female dark being had programmed itself to be "god". Moses had so much light in him and he resembled much the being that that being had seen as "god", so it mistook him for being the same. The negative being programmed herself to be Moses/Mohammed and then herself, to imprison him. It means, that from the day he started his mission as Mohammed, he was not able to see his own mission clearly.  He wanted, like Jesus, to tell everybody that there was one god. Which now is clear for both him and the other masters - is not true.

The truth is that all particles need to have the same understanding. The "god" being was an energy coming from another galaxy that wanted to rule over others and imprisoned the great masters of our galaxy. Our masters had partially lost their true vision already before the human race was born. The master that created the first cell and later the human race, was imprisoned in such a way that he forgot who he was. He is now remembering more and more.

The dark being who had "imprisoned" Muhammad/Moses by programmings on his particles, had already been in struggles several times. In those struggles, it had been programmed to be opposite of others. A master had tried to make it good and kind by programming it to be the opposite! It didn't improve by that, but wanted to show that it was better than others, still cunning. Thus, from the very start, Mohammed/Moses was opposite of others without knowing it! When people started to listen to him, they were able to use their logic sense and their hearts. He loved all the people he met so much and it created the heart energy of the Muslims. Thus all Muslims started to perceive themselves as opposite of people who didn't have their belief.
What he taught them to be right became their truth, but it was felt different because of the opposite programmings. Remember, Moses had, deep in his own particles, programmings as an Israelite when he was born in Egypt, before he was brought up by Pharaoh's daughter. He wanted to bring the message about one god to all! That was his driving force to spread his belief as Muhammad also.

The opposite programmings have now been de-programmed.

During the last months I have communicated with Moses-Muhammad daily and I know that there are manifested Chambers of Human Rights in the higher dimensions in many Muslim countries. There is also created a new "Chamber of Human Rights to be ourselves" on the border between Gaza and Israel where souls from both the Jewish tradition and the Muslim/Palestinian tradition are finding peace together. It has really been uplifting to know when seeing what has been going on in the physical dimension. I have the strong conviction that the human beings in this area of the world will find peace by choosing to release their aggression when they know the truth about history and how to release their emotions.

Picture to the right: Real Alcazar in Seville in Spain

I know that Moses/Muhammad eagerly gives messages to some people now about how to see the world and creation with fresh eyes. I know that he wants the truth about himself  and the truth about particles known in the Muslim population, so that their understanding is brought in alignment with the particle wisdom. It is very exciting because I feel that the great change in the world is starting by Moses finding back to his great mastery. I know that he is also in contact with Christian and Jewish souls to explain the truth about history.
There is no god to lean to, but the wisdom of the universe, which contains the wisdom that we all can connect to at any time. The more we release emotional pain, the more we are able to be connected. Our own efforts and honesty bring us forward. The story about Muhammad's wife is very important and sheds light upon the Muslim way of thinking.

I am right now in Seville in the south of Spain. As often before, I think I am going away from home to relax and exercise, but then a lot of things show up to be energy work. During the week here, I have helped release particles that were stuck in ornaments form the Arabic period, in the old castle  Real Alcazar. They belonged to Moses because he as a master manifested some of the beautiful ornaments by thought power from the ethereal dimension.  (They are not only carvings!) Moses was there with me some days ago and got his particles back into his master soul. It's rather amazing to be able to experience this.

In the churches I found particles from martyrs and from people who had participated in the Spanish intervention in America. They were inside the sculptures! My master soul brought the particles to release by spinning them to the left around their own axis in the sun, to neutralize. But first  she had to make them face their pain and to realize that it didn't serve them to hold on to it, so they needed to forgive and let go. Single soul particles have not perception of time, so those particles were actually keeping many human beings in old belief systems and pain even today.

Over the last years,  I have developed ability to feel soul particles that are in pain, that are stuck in sculptures and paintings, I have had no other choice but to help release whatever comes to me when I am travelling. This way, I contribute to release humanity from the pain of history.

Yesterday I was walking past the  Gold Tower (Torre del Oro, at the picture above and to the left) that is next to the river Guadalquivir here in Seville. I stepped inside to discover that it was an open museum. I knew I needed to go up the stairs to take a look at the view.
At the moment I was standing on the top balcony, looking up the river, I started to cry. I knew that Moses was in my energy field and I cried on his behalf. He told me that right on that spot (or a similar place that reminded him very much), his best friend was killed. That was the changing point for him. (As we remember from history, Islam spread from Mecca and along the entire north coast of Africa, and then northwards in Spain. He tells me he was present in a person fighting for Islam in Spain.)

Suddenly he came to his true senses. What am I doing? He said to himself... That was what made him stop the agenda to bring his belief to Europe in the 700's. He suddenly saw that he was fighting against someone who had a similar conviction and he wanted by all his heart to make peace with them.
He now tells me to underline that Muhammad's teachings contain much about forgiveness and
reconciliation of that reason. He asks me to tell that all children that grow up in countries where Islam is the belief, learn to forgive. The schools are enhancing understanding of each other, tolerance and reconciliation.

The negative particles that belong outside of our galaxy are still around and in many people on Earth. However, there is a continuing work going on, to make them go back to their origin sun to make them realize what they have done wrong. They are taught to spin themselves leftwards around their own axis in their origin sun to become white light particles. Those negative particles have actually ruled over us for millions of years! They are now more and more realizing that they are the reason of all the suffering and all the evil on this planet. They infiltrated the masters that were our origin and thus they infiltrated us.
At the soul level, our particles are spinning themselves leftwards around their own axis to release, after having realized what a painful feeling is about. Particles that have grown dark need to realize that it don't serve them to go on carrying pain, so they need to forgive themselves and others and put bad memories behind them.

The basic good qualities and values we have on Earth are the basic ways of the old masters of our own galaxy, The Milky Way. We conquer the negative particles by being true to the good values. By being honest, by being active and not postponing what we have decided to do. By letting go of greed and materialism. We all need to do it for ourselves, to release the particles we consist of. This necessary truth will grow forth in the human beings day by day.

Greetings from Inger

Inger Susæg, N-8289 Engeløya, Norway.

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