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I invite fearless researchers who want to challenge me and themselves to move in completely new directions. To investigate in ways you never would have dreamt was possible?

Dare to include particles' consciousness in your research!

It’s more than 500 years since Kopernikus’ research found the heliocentric system; that the Earth moved around the sun. He met a huge resistance against his work and what he wrote wasn’t published until after his death in 1543.
It is about 400 years since Galilei developed the rules that imprint modern nature science; to measure everything with the physical senses and to compare the results to find out about existence. He too had huge problems to be acknowledged for his thoughts. At that time, the church was the major obstacle to his work. The church was afraid that people would find new truths. In the middle age all research was “to honor God”. However, the new times eventually brought new achievements for humanity. Until then, the church had been the strongest power factor in the western society.
It is about100 years since Niels Bohr presented the atom model, Max Planck presented the Quantum mechanics and Albert Einstein presented the theory of relativity. Have these theories changed our perception of ourselves? Have we changed our basic thinking and understanding about our own nature? No, we haven’t really… still we have a mechanical picture that is based on the laws of physics, found by Newton. Even if we have made enormous progress during this century, we still haven’t found answers to the biggest challenges:

Health, peace and fairness.

Maybe we need to look for completely new ways of research than by the old rules? It is basic for the future, that we as a species lift our eyes to look in new directions. Break barriers?

What power factors is preventing us in looking in new directions? Who are afraid this time to let go of old truths?

It is actually 400 years since Descartes said, “I think, therefore I am”. I think he was into something very interesting that somehow stopped there! I wonder if he actually was stopped so that prevailing belief systems could continue...?

What I have found out about cells and particles by release work, logic thinking and by relating to my own cells I would find very interesting to present to scientists who want to do research in completely new perspectives.

For instance, would it be interesting to measure how my brain functions? My blood? (I am multiple enlightened)

Would it be interesting to connect to cancer cells to ask them what they say? I communicate with cells.

Would it be interesting for someone to test out what the particles TELL me? I communicate at the particle level too.

Through 9 years of work with the connection between the feelings, thoughts and body, I have found what causes pain in the body. Book, giving new ideas for research within medicine, psychology, biology is now available in Norwegian. Translation to English is ready in February 2015  English presentation here

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