A new direction of thought
These articles are all written by Inger Susæg. She is multiple enlightened,* able to connect to all levels of existence, from particle level to master level.

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Articles 2015

October 2nd Abraham was the forefather of the religions. Who was he? Did he know the truth about existence?

May 3rd 2015 My explanations of what is happening in the world

Articles 2014

September 18th 2014 Where does the conviction about celibacy come from?

Septermber 14th 2014 A different angle into the Iraq situation

August 8th 2014 Why our Creator is not able to stop people's behavior

August 3rd 2014 A basic new perception about our Creator.

July 31st 2014 Why does it take so long time for the masters to free themselves?

July 24th 2014 Important information about the history of Middle East. This is important to understand related to what is happening now!

June 18th 2014 Discoveries about energy crosswise time and space. A new view at The Great Pyramid in Giza.

April 19th 2014 Unknown parts of the life of Jeshua (Jesus), based on release work and information from the soul level of existence.

February 19th 2014 The Moses-Mohammed story. 
How history can shed light upon Middle East,

to find peaceful solutions?

February 15th 2014  Release of Maria, the Mother of Jesus

January 20th 2014 One of my most important articles: Freeing our Creator :)

January 3rd. The Great Masters of Creation.
The origin of Life in our galaxy The Milky Way







Articles 2013

 November 2013 A release story from the time when Islam was born

July 6th Why the old sexual energy must dissolve and leave.  About the sexual energy's role at the origin of the human race.

July 1st. About the Chambers of Human Rights. About how I know what I tell you.

June 4th Why healing doesn't serve.


April 4th
The dark particles' sun have started to spin counter clockwise. Will lead to huge change!

March 23rd We need to be aware of how dark particles have operated, and we need to focus at good values. 

March 17th An extraordinary release story leading to the change

 March 16th About dark particles and black holes and more about our origin .

RENEWED  March 2nd 2013 Monotheism is over -  about how we were programmed to believe

February 19th 2013 All The old belief systems will eventually dissolve and a new truth about particle wisdom will grow forth

January 22nd 2013 About our origin, about the particles that are leaving and about the future

Articles written in 2012 and before

What makes life work against us?

The need of changing our attitudes

Revised January 2014  A letter to a Light Worker

The new sexuality

The damage of the photon belt

December letter

Are you a researcher who wants to look in new directions?
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* Multiple enlightened means that Inger Susæg has worked to free her soul and several other souls from emotional baggage completely, so that she reached a condition of total love, and thus light in her cells. This  means that she is 12 times enlightened. When you see her, she looks like a normal human being. However, you can feel the enlightenment both by her knowledge and her perspective on life. The picture below shows her aura when concentrating on practical work with a tractor saw cutting firewood.