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Thanks to NASA for the beautiful picture of our planet! There is only one more planet with physical life in our galaxy. It was resently found by NASA.(Kepler 186f) There are plants and a few species of animals. However, there is ethereal life as beings.

The origin of Life and our precious planet Earth

Our fantastic planet is one of the most precious planets in Cosmos. . Life here on Earth has existed for millions of years and the wisdom that the particles have developed through Earth's history is stored in them. The particles know how they form all species, because they were programmed to do so by the creating masters at the time the species was developed. Each species hold the memory in them and communicate the knowledge to the light particles coming from the sun to build new cells continuously. The particles immediately know how to perform the certain species.

The particles of water have their origin in our sun. There is no other place it could have come from! :) At the time the great master Ah created it, he had to find a planet in the right distance from the sun. He calculated to find out how it was able to remain a water planet because when the water was formed, the sun lost some of its energy when so many particles left it.. He wanted it to be water and not only ice! He is the only master who can do this in our part of Cosmos.

The particles' nature is to be pulled back to the sun in their solar system to spin themselves to the left around their own axis, and then to dance on in the particles dance of existence.  When the first cell was created, an enormous growth of plants started. Amaron, our creator, had not realized how much the cells could produce in a short time. The growth came out of control and caused huge earth cracks. The plants grew out of water and light with an incredible speed and caused the planet to crack!
The particles of oil are are plants that was transformed into mechanical form after the earth cracks. The oil has also picked up minerals from the earth. Amaron tells me that the plants, at that time, had deveoped en enormous growth because of love and joy of creation. The particles of the oil contain the knowledge about the cell structure because they have been plants. When we really start understanding that the particles are conscious, we see that particles from exhaust are light particles, seeking back to the sun. They dissolve the gases and become light particles, cleansing themselves in the sun. However(!) It means that the sun has got many more particles now, as the increasing extraction of oil during the last 80 years have sent an enormous amount of particles back to the sun.
We need to think very differently when it comes to environment now.


  • The huge production today contributes to make our planet unstable. We know that the oil was produced by earth cracks and taking it out too quickly gives reason to really stop and think, both of our planet and of the people who suffer when earth quakes and tsunamis strike small societies. It is not the same people who get rich from extracting oil as those who suffer from the unbalancing of the planet. The oil belongs to the entire human population and must be taken out over a long time. It needs to last for thousands of years.
  • Some of the climate change is caused by the increasing effect of our sun. Many situations around our planet show that the water level increases because of melting of the ice at the poles. It is non pollution, because the particles have the ability to release and dissolve.
  • The masters need time to deal with themselves and with all the challenges they face on Earth as they are in a completely new situation when the negative particles finally are leaving, going back to their origin sun in another galaxy. It is a fact that it is selfishness and greed has caused increasing imbalanced conditions for the human population. The collective consciousness of humanity is also influencing the weather and the climate! In addition, the negative particles have used many kinds of "weapons". Weather was one of them. We need to reduce oil production to be able to create a fair world!

It was the great master (Ah) who from outside who came to our planet first. He is a master of how to create atomic structures. He created water, what was basic for what would be physical life.Later Amaron, our creator, came to our planet. He brought the Sirius Univers' knowledge about structures for ethereal life. He had studied in several civilizations and found knowledge about creation. Those masters bodies are of ethereal energy

The first cell was born. Amaron was actually Bh's son of the very origin. She originated from one particle that started to study the qualities and abilities of the particles in matter. Then she expeimented by enhancing them in single light particles. She tried out several numbers together and ended up with 12 particles that she made spin in a ball around her. The soul's structure and nature was born. Then she shared the wisdom with the particles in her solar system, created beings like herself and the Lemurian Universe occurred. MORE
She is the master that now gives her wisdom and memories to me. She now gives her wisdom to all particles in our solar system. For millions of years, she has not known who she was because of the negative particles that came from outside and infiltrated the masters in our galaxy. In our days the masters are about to free themselves from both the negative particles and the emotional wounds that they have suffered form because of what happened to them. This will lead to the the truth about existence will be known for the human population.