The search for answers 
were written the spring 2006






1. Conscious Energy

2. The Pipeline Model

3. The Universal Energy

4. The Huge Paradox

5. The Great Library

6. Seduced and convinced

7. Getting there

We need new ways of research!

Clicking the buttons above you find the resoning that helped me find the way to the understanding
reflected throughout this website....  What I found is very logic when you stop and lift your eyes and look in new directions. 


You are all able to connect to the consciousness of the universe any minute because it is connected to our own thoughts and feelings. Your intuition always shows you the very best solution when you dare to listen to it. During the last years I have found that the intuition actually is the understanding of all the particles we consist of all-to-gether.

What I found along my release work, changed my perception of who we are and the purpose of being here.  These pages invites you to think very differently than what you might be used to.  I think it is needed to solve the challenges the world faces today. It shows how the choices every one of us make are important for the bigger picture..

The primary focus describes how everything shifts when we regard our thoughts and feelings as energy.  I think we haven't understood how strong this energy operates throughout our lives, we have unwittingly become puppets, born out of our own and inherited understandings, of how the world 'is'.  We need a new way of interpreting our lives and the world!

Feelings or emotional energy is the driving force behind all kinds of actions, it is fuel to all the conflicts between people.  However, today feelings are not considered to be important, but private and not included in peace work or research...

We all have access to the enormous Universal Consciousness. (Which I later found to be the gathered particle wisdom).  Thus we also have the responsibility to use the gift of free will to shift our evolutionary path in a positive direction. It cannot be achieved by current economic or religious solutions.  It has to occur within every human being, within every human heart, and in a completely new way.