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About the reason that I know and can explain how the new consciousness develop.

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July 1st 2013

I would like to tell a little about what happens now. There are very few who know it yet, but it is now people who have lived on Earth and died, that is holding the new consciousness in a new space in the highest level of the 5th dimension. They have learned about how a new universal understanding grows forth from basic qualities and are activating the qualities that are presented here (That I have learned from the masters). The last two years the group of people that are working actively for the new universal consciousness has grown in number day by day. There are more than 50 "Chambers of Human Rights", large areas consisting of ethereal energy 100 m above the ground, held by the thoughts, the awareness of people who have died. There are millions of people living in their ethereal body. They create their houses and environments around them... trees, streets, gardens.. :) - where they live in communities with old and new friends while they study and develop themselves - which is a part of the new understanding. All the chambers are led by the Master Thoth. (Thoth was the great master who lived on Earth and was responsible for the building of the largest pyramid at in Egypt.) The new universal consciousness contains the human beings' right to be themselves, the good values ​​and qualities, knowledge of particles' consciousness and understanding. Human souls are learning more and more about how to release emotional pain and therefore increases the total particle awareness of how to do this - reaching the human beings on Earth through the particles ability to communicate. Because if this, this dimension has raised from 4th to 5th dimension within a year.

The new consciousness is in contrast to the old. Today I especially want to emphasize an information that few spiritual seeking people are aware of. In channeled messages etc. we have previously received messages telling that we should merge with higher and higher soul aspects and ultimately with god. Everything was programmed so previously. It resulted in that many people no longer were themselves. It led to that many people have died during the last years without having their ethereal body. Without the ethereal body, we cannot live on in the higher dimension. The soul is simply a ball. (called orbs at photographs) It leads to that soul parts merge into people's energy field and bodies as entities, which is unfortunate.
If the old plan had continued, it would ultimately be only one being at the end - that simply would not be a good being at all! The old masters have left it! This is because the ruling energy was without empathy and sense of fairness. That was the energy behind the concept of god. It is the reason the world is so unfair.

The old ruling energy was not willing to release their own pain, but wanted others to do it for them. Hence the christ energy that was based on that some people would release and release to create a healing energy that other beings/other people should be released by. (I have been contributing a lot and my soul has been abused by this system, so I do know much about this.) Such a system does not develop the individual or the society because it does not contain the true recognition of emotions and the learning and development that follows. The individual can not see what serves or not. Release work must happen at soul and particle level by reflecting. This is something everyone on Earth knows! No one can forgive on your behalf! We have to look inside in ourselves and face our own pain.

As the old masters of the origin of our galaxy de-programmed themselves from being locked inside the old ruling-energy, they realized that it did not serve anyone to continue the old way. They had all acted as if they were God, but had lost their own right to decide for themselves. They have not understood that the old way did not serve them until the last three years. (The masters of the origin, Metatron, Michael, Amaron, the Lemurian mother.)

I can tell this because in five years I have been "Earth anchor". I worked with the release of emotional pain until I became enlightened several times. It means that my cells contain so much light and love that the ethereal body has the ability to be one with the universal energy. I've been programmed to be the link between the masters of the origin and humanity. My cells have contained information about the masters' own history and has had the ability to provide information to them so that they could de-program the locks that the dark energy had made far back in time... and actually more in recent years.

It has meant that I was "dangerous" for the old, dark, ruling energy (that we have found out has not originated in our galaxy) Their particles are now leaving, being pulled out to their origin sun.
It has been tough to stand alone in this. No matter what I did to get through to people to tell, it has stopped. Instead, I got many cold shoulders because there were rumors about me that I was dark. It's the opposite! It was the old ruling energy's way to manipulate. There has even been programmings on me that all people should dislike / hate me. It has been very painful.
The main reason that my cells have contained the information that was important was that my master spirit or the diety who I was, was wearing Amaron's energy (the master who created the first cell and thus humanity) since the human race originated. 7-9 years ago, I worked with to release his master life on Earth and began to understand how the human psyche arose.
As we have de-programmed, I also found out more and more about how parts of my own master soul has been locked inside and used by the dark energy. She has not known this until recently. It is sometimes very complicated to explain about how the masters operate, (unless you have the soul understanding that I tell about on workshops) It is this way: The masters' soul components (12 particles that make up a quality, MORE) has been used by the dark energy, as if they were them. That way, most channeled messages have come to people from different parts of the masters, without representing themselves, but characterized by an energy that ruled over them. This is the reason we were deceived for many years.
What is important now, is to repeat that we are ourselves as the one we were born to be by our name and date of birth - and live by the good human values ​​and live in harmony with the Earth. In the new consciousness every human being has the right to be themselves. By strengthening our identity, our Self, we strengthen the ethereal body and thus our lives. :)

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