A new direction of thought
Inger Susaeg's lectures are based upon insights, grown forth through many years of hard work. She is able to communicate with all dimensions of existence.

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Examples of lectures in English.

How and why did the religions occur?
Why can't a god-being just come down to settle this mess, so that we can get peace and justice in the world?
In ancient times descended masters actually  came from the ethereal, invisible dimension (called heaven by religions) to walk around in physical bodies on Earth. They created cultures and religions. It started to happen already when the first human beings were developed from an advanced monkey species in the continent that was situated in the middle of the Pacific Ocean at that time. 

It gave us as a species the feeling that someone came to fix things for us, someone who were better than us... MORE


Where do the negative thoughts come from?
In this lecture I give examples on how I was struggling with such thoughts for many years - and how I got rid of them.
They came from my emotional wounds, situations when I had felt inferior and offended. I discovered that I had to allow myself thoroughly, to feel the feelings that I had suppressed in memories in my childhood, youth an up through my life were too tough.

This can be a subject in the higher classes in school so that everybody can learn how to relate to their feelings in a new way and how to help each others handle difficult situations instead of suppressing them.  MORE


The particles' dance
- the existence consist of conscious light particles
There is basically only one type of particles. The physicists think they are different because of the different ways they spin. This lecture is based on information from the masters, philosifhical reflections and my ability to communicate with my cells and particles.
When our thoughts are creating, it is because particles respond to thoughts. What is needed then, to manifest matter?
I am not a scientist. Answers from the audience can be answered directly by the masters in the highest dimension... and from my cells, if I don't know exactly what you ask about. MORE

Do you have pain in your stomach when you are afraid?
It isn't strange then, if other feelings are situated in the body too? Where is joy? Love? Guilt? Bitterness?
My mapping of where the different emotions block the life energy, build a bridge between the body and the phyche.
It shows way for how we can take responsibility for our health in a new way. Why is it necessary to put aside the traditional rules of natural science to find new answers?
Can we develop a completely new health system, based on that people take responsibility for their health in a much larger extend when they know that their cells are conscious? Can we develop learning programs for release of pain? The manuscript of my BOOK about a new approach to health is ready for publishing in English.


Egyptology in a new light*
Through my release work I have experienced many life times in the old Egypt from traumas and memories in my cell memory. I have discovered that the interpretations of finds and hieroglyphs are not in alignment with my work.
The Egyptians communicated with higher dimensions and descended and ascended masters were actually god-beings. They used energies that we don't know today. Pharaohs and some of the high priests were able to manifest physical objects. How was actually the great pyramid in Giza built? What was its purpose?



Forgiveness is what the world needs most of all.
How can we develop forgiveness schools?
It is possible to make forgiveness programs for nations where people have been in war with each other?
We who have lived for a while, have learned to ask of forgiveness when we have done something wrong.
Is it still a part of the curriculum around in the world?
Along the way in my release work I discovered that it is important to forgive oneself. It is what we regret that makes us  criticize ourselves... which leads to criticizm of others.
Is it possible to forgive the "unforgiveable"? MORE



A picture of the centre of the Milky way.
Thanks to NASA for the use of the picture.

How did life on Earth start?
How did it develop to be the way it is now?

This lecture is based upon 28 years of exploration and my ability to communicate at all levels, from particle and cell level to master level - which is actually the same, meaning I can reach and communicate by my soul's consciousness to all dimensions in the universe. My work is reflected throughout this website.
 I am connected to our true Creator who got "lost" since the time the humans recently had been developed. During the last years he has been able to gather his own particles and re-establish himself as a being in the ethereal dimension, so day by day he is fighting to throw out the negative particles that infiltrated beings in our galaxy for millions of years. The negative particles are really leaving! I can assure you, there are going to be huge changes in the years to come due to this.
MORE about our Creator's release.
You see, all particles must listen to ONE particle in our solar system, to create one understanding and peace on Earth.

I need 3 days to give a full explanation of all the aspects of this theme and to answer all questions.


When giving lectures at national level, for leaders, for governments, big companies, etc.
Lectures (2 x 3 hours)  1000 euro,

When a person wants to organize a lecture for a public audience in their country,
 500 euro

Pluss expences for travel from where I live in Norway and accomodations.
If travelling for several days, I charge 100 euro- pr day in addition.

Contact: Inger Susaeg, Mobile phone: 0047 95154025  email


* "Already in 1973, when I was in The Great Pyramid in Giza for the first time, I know I carried in my cells' memory, the memories of Thoth's life, the master who was responsible of building the pyramid by the help of thought power. He was the man who founded the old Egyptian culture and mystery school where they learned to exceed matter. Thoth's was one of the first souls I released. For a long time I thought it was my own former lifetime showing up because the feelings were strong and my own. But then, after having released an enormous grief and anger over having been betrayed, he was able to find back to himself and his pride of being the great master that he is. He is fully himself in the higher dimensions now, and in the lead of the new ethereal dimension around the Earth where the dead people live. They now learn true particle wisdom and how to manifest their own ethereal houses and things by the help of their thoughs. His feelings are no longer mine, but I communicate with him with the help of my intuition. (A direct vibrational channel between the energy field and the mind at the back of the head.) When he wants to tell me something, I pich up his thoughts immediately.
He has plans to materialize in the future. Maybe he shows up on my lectures? He wants to show and prove the connection between the dimensions and that the particles are able to spin from ethereal energy to atomic structure / physical presence. However, Time isn't there yet."