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The light particles' dance of existence

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The particles of light constitute all.

Everything in existence consists of the same small "building blocks", LIGHT PARTICLES. However, particles spin in many different ways and have many different tasks. Even particles constituting stone are particles of light. It is their spinning patterns that make us perceive physical matter as physical. The conscious light particles that constitute the human being at all invisible levels, are at their very origin, of the same sort of particles as those spinning in atoms.

Our mind consists of a group of light particles situated in the middle of our head. The group is in a certain pattern to function as one and to be able to reason logically. It is linked to the body and feelings by the energy system. The brain is not the origin of thoughts, it is a transformer. Our thoughts are energy impulses from the light particles of the mind, that direct particles to "perform" at all levels of existence. Conscious thoughts are sent out from the group of particles that the human mind consists of.

Subconscious thoughts are sent out to the sourroundings from our soul and from our cells. Our soul often speaks directly to the soul of persons we relate to, not only being in the same room, but at far distances. As the soul is connected to the cells by programmings, the cells also communicate at a subconscious level. Thus the pain that the soul is carrying from memories is also communicated to the surroundings.

When we die and have a clear mind and a good self perception, the central particles of the mind follow our soul and ethereal body to merge with the soul. When a person releases himself/herself and achieve enlightenment, they are directly connected to the Self, which is the core of the soul, being connected to all soul components.

Our soul is situated at the centre of our chest, and it is also vibrating in every single cell, connected by the energy system. The soul have a fantastic capacity to operate crosswise time and space, being able to connect to the memories of the cells and ability to expand far outside the body, still knowing who they are. Our soul  has not the perception of time that our mind has.

The very beginning of existence

LIFE started from single, wise particles that once in a far past were conscious about themselves, far from each other in an ocean of light particles. They discovered, that by cooperating and grouping with other particles, they were able to constitute conscious light beings. It happened in several places in Cosmos. The 3 first particles that did this in our galaxy, are today the great masters of our galaxy's soul essences. (Bh, [Mother of soul energy], Sirius, Pleidean Mother) 

The Great master of Creation is the son of Bh and another great master, Ah, who have a Cosmic belonging. MORE These masters started LIFE in our galaxy, at the conscious level. Thus the old civilications emanated from single particles' understanding of life. The universe* that now is being established as the new consciousness here on Earth, is based on Great Master of Creation's wisdom,  the good, basic values and the fruits of experiences of the human race.

The ONE particle that is the leading particle of our solar system from now on (2016), is a central particle belonging to the Great Master of Creation. It will lead to ONE understanding for humanity during the next years because all particles belonging here will be one organism.

* The word "universe" is at this entire website the term for a mutual understanding of perception, forming a civilication. It is the term used in ethereal dimensions as there are many universes and many perceptions of how to relate to life in Cosmos. Thus I sometimes also use the term civilization about the same.

On Earth, there has developed many "universes" because of the souls from different civilizations that have been incarnating here. It has also occurred because of programmings done by masters belonging to different basic understandings along history in their struggle to create peace and good lives for humanity.  That is the main reason of the conflicts and wars. The true particle wisdom has been lost for thousands of years, but is now growing forth because our Great Master of Creation has found back to be himself by being able to gather all his particles into his own soul components (look further down). The new universal consciousness will grow forth over the next decade as the souls from Pleiades, Sirius, Andromeda and Hathors will leave and only humans will remain, led by one particle of wisdom.

To understand the truth about existence, it is necessary to realize that light particles have conscious abilities and communicate with each other. It is actually obvious when you start reasoning in this angle. MORE on Inger's website Becantus.

Ethereal Energy

The physical body has a “double” that exists in the same “space”. This is possible because matter consist of light particles, spinning as atomic structure. Every physical cell has an ethereal ball in the same space. The two cell structures have different tasks in our body. The double is the same shape, but is of invisible light structure. The "double" is the ethereal body.

The particles in ethereal energy organize themselves as Flower of Life balls. They also organize according our stem cells (first 16 cells) and our perception of ourselves. The Flower of Life pattern consist of circles on circles of the same radius, placed with the centre in the circle line of all circles next to it. The particles spin clockwise in patterns like at the picture to the left.  

The circles form flowers with 6 petals in all directions.  They spin in one circle after another in a certain order and pattern.  There is one particle in every circle.

The ethereal body is the body we bring with us when we die. We leave the physical body to let it dissolve into the elemental atoms and go back to the substance of the Earth.

When being in physical form, our minds get a knowingness of who we are. We perceive ourselves as our physical body. By that, the ethereal body is formed by our own thoughts to create it’s structure, so that when we die, we know exactly how we are! The ethereal energy has received the impulses from the thoughts that we have "delivered" because we can see and perceive our physical body. By that, the ethereal body forms itself.

The reason elderly people feel like young inside, is that they actually are! When we die, we bring with us the ethereal body’s look. A person who dies young, brings to the higher dimension, the body shape he or she had when he died.

 A person who experiences an out-of-body-experience, experiences to travel with the soul and the ethereal body outside of the physical body, without being detached from the physical.  The same happens when people have near-death-experiences. There is an energy cord, made of ethereal energy that brings the person back as soon as he thinks of his physical life. Unless he decides to leave physical life..

Soul Energy

The other kind of energy in the human being I want to tell you about, is the soul energy. It also consists of  the same light particles spinning in certain patterns. This energy is a 3-dimensional Flower of Life pattern. It starts with a ball, look at the picture to the left.

The core of a soul consists of ONE particle, the soul essence. Around it are12 particles spinning in 12 orbits creating a ball. This is our self, The next row of balls around it are of equal size and are placed half way into the first after the same principle as the Flower of Life above. The balls contain all the basic qualities we need as individuals.

In a flat structure, you can place 6 circles around the first circle to form the flower pattern. In a 3D structure you can place 12 balls half way into the first ball, having the same radius as the first, creating a corresponding pattern. They then form 12 petals of a flower pointing in all directions. They form a lotus, you may say.

So the basic spinning pattern of soul energy is 1 + 12 = 13 (picture). If we add the same structure around the first 12 after the same principle, you will get 5 (7 turning inwards) more at every one of the first 12. So the next row of balls consist of 60. These balls are the different soul qualities that make us different from each other.

As we develop as humans and release from emotional pain, we achieve victory over our negative thoughts. Many spiritual scriptures refer that we gain petals in our soul’s lotus, it is not quite so. It is actually 12 new particle joining the groups of particles that our soul consist of, that form a new ball as we grow into the new insights.

Below you see photos of soul energy. What is called “orbs” at photos are components of soul energy, shown to us by some masters of the highest dimensions. They say this is to help us understand the nature of creation. - To move forward in our development as a species.

As you can see, some balls are very clear and not transparent, like on this picture. This very clear soul energy ball is a soul in the 10th dimension, an invisible master standing next to her, a soul energy lovingly influencing her to think positively.

Photographs showing soul energy below.

Many years ago when joining workshops in the Melchizedek method, I learned to call so-called orbs, holograms of love. They are not holograms they are  souls or soul components. During the last years, I have learned very much more from the great masters. The balls we see at these pictures are soul energy from different beings in higher dimensions. As our souls basically are love at our core make the name that we learnd to be a natural name. Orbs at photos may also be balls of your own soul that is not inside your body. 

This and the following pictures are sent to me from Randi Lange Reinhoff and her husband Hans in Norway.



From a journey to Egypt. The Karnak temple.



This is actually meant to be a pictures of the hierogrypfs on the wall.


Outside the Karnak temple.


This is from a journey Randi and Hans made to India


Cows in twilight. The soul ball probably belongs to the photographer!


A picture taken by Gerd Eva in Norway in a seemingly deserted place in nature. This is actually a place where fairies and elfs are living.



A picture I took in a street in Hydrabad in India. No rain.. :) A lot of people.

The three photographs below are taken at the end of March 3003 in Egypt by a lady from Canada at a trip I joined, arranged by the Melchizedek Method. I found them on their website. At these occations, we actively visualized endless numbers of Flower of Life balls around us and spun them in a very high speed, programmed with love. It made a tremendous feeling of love in the group. The method did not release emotional pain, though.
I was there! A wonderful trip with great people from all over the world.