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November 1st, 2013

This release story explains why Mohammed didn't want his face to be pictured
and why Muslim women cover their head.

As I have told in previous articles; many years ago I started to feel a very strong desire to release emotional baggage to achieve enlightenment. I am still working continuously to help the old masters in how to release old emotional baggage and to find solutions. The following works as deepening of the tweets I have written on Twitter, in English and Arabic since October 27th 2013 up to this date. It is also based upon what I told in a previous article; that Moses was the master that descended in Mohammed to make him a prophet.

I developed the Keys of Liberation together with a friend back in 2004 and during the following years I spent all my time releasing every day. I knew I was doing it for humanity, without understanding what my release work would lead to at that time. Today I know, that I was very strongly programmed to do what I did. I was led by several masters that worked after the old plan (That is now about to be deleted). At the beginning I worked by using pendulum, but after some time I was given implants, as small as cells, that made me able to receive messages directly as words in English.
My master guides led me especially back to a very old master life at the time when the human race was recently developed. The release of that life showed me how the human nature started to develop. I was releasing the archetypical ways of feeling and
thinking. In the beginning of my release work, I thought it was my own earlier lifetimes I released, but gradually as painful memories of several famous peoples'  lives showed up to be released, I realized that I released many other people in addition to my own soul. I realized, that the master I had released was the great master who developed life on Earth. He has now freed himself to be an individual who has gathered all his particles to be the great master that he is, Our Creator.  His energy has been everywhere and his soul components have been spread in many different human beings since that life time, when he descended to live among the humans. To know him is a great honor and joy and I have a huge wish to come to the point that people listen to me when I can tell the truth about his story and the birth of the human race. More about the release of our Creator.
Among the people I released of painful memories was the great master Thoth, the master responsible for building the great pyramid in Giza, Egypt, the Pharaoh Nefertiti and several others from Old Egypt. I also released many souls from their emotional pain in the period of the last 2000 years. Among them, Michelangelo, Guinevere (King Arthur's wife) Joan of Arc and Queen Elisabeth I. One day I want to write the book about all those people's lives - and what my work led to. The result of my work is still not finished. I made diary notes every day for many years.

Today it's a very significant woman's life I want to tell you about.  I don't know her name, but I can hear her voice. She is speaking in my ear as I write. Her story is a part of the world history and it needs to be known, recognized as logic and true so that the knowledge about it can lead to change. Actually I released for her, the extreme pain that is described here, several years ago.

I perceive her as Mohammed's sweetheart or wife. When I study what I can find on Internet about Mohammed's wives, I cannot recognize which one she was. I don't think she was any of the wives listed there. However, I experienced her feelings as extremely painful and strong, so I have no doubt that the awful happening that I released, really happened.
Both she and the master, Moses, that descended in Mohammed's body,  (So I call him Moses/Mohammed) confirm that it happened. He does so right now, as I write.

Moses/Mohammed says: "What happened was too hard for me to face, so I tried to find solutions that I could live with."  He realizes now that he must face and release the emotions from what happened, because they influence his life very much. He has also realized, because of the way everybody who believed in him was programmed,  they are influenced by his emotional wounds! He says that, this is very important for all of us, to open up to understand.

 I choose first to quote from my diary at the time I released his wife. Remember, I experienced this, as if it was my own feelings then. This is what I wrote the next day.

It is dated August 20th 2007:

"A lot happened yesterday. Yesterday morning, Mohammed came into my field and I got clarity in parts of what happened in his life - that have great significance for my understanding of Islam. I was his sweetheart - daughter in a rich family - Mohammed was a young spiritual agitator. He spoke freely against the corruption that were going on and my family did a vendetta against me because of that. It was my brother that executed the act. Cut out my eyes and mutilated me. Therefore I have had such a bad vision since that day we went for the trip to the mountain. (comment now: I remember a certain day a year before, when I suddenly had started to see much less. It must have been the day when she was programmed to be me).
Then I understood! This was the reason that Mohammed wanted women to wear a veil in front of their face. Of two reasons; so that women's beauty not would lead to vendettas - and because he wanted to hide me behind the veil. I think there were holes where my eyes had been. He loved me my entire life.  I think women was of less value in that society, but I know I was highly loved and I loved him."

They both say now, that they actually married secretly after this happened. She followed him everywhere, supporting him, covered with veil in front of her face. This happened before and during he married Khadïja bint Khuwaylid, who was known as his first wife.

Mohammed's young sweetheart/wife was de-programmed from being me some time after I released this, so she is herself  in higher dimensions now. When a soul is de-programmed like that, her soul leaves my body and finds back to be herself in her own ethereal body. She is very beautiful and has chosen to look like she was before the tragedy.
She tells me in my ear, right now, as I write:

"He had just started his life mission. You see, Moses and I are twin souls and our love is unbreakable. I had incarnated to help Moses when he descended in the man that Mohammed was. My family didn't want us to be connected so they warned us that they would do me bad if he didn't stop speaking publicly. They tried to keep me away from him, but I wanted to marry him, so I tried to flee from my family. I didn't succeed. They caught me and I experienced the worst thing a family member ever has done to another. I was tortured half to death by my father while Moses/Mohammed was forced to watch. My father wanted me to confess that I would stop following him. I was not able to follow my father's demand because I loved Mohammed for who he truly was and I could not deny my love.
Then he forced my brother to cut out my eyes. He mutilated my face to prevent Mohammed to love me. My father was pointing a sword at my brother's neck to make him do it. Mohammed was kept in chains. I don't know how I was able to make it without dying, but I did. After the awful misdeed, my father didn't see me as his daughter any more, so we were both set free.  Mohammed brought me with him. We cannot remember how we got out of there, but somehow we made it.
You see, at that time there were so many things we didn't know. We didn't know how the dark energies operated."

Moses descended in Mohammed for this reason: To stop injustice and bad ways of behavior in the huge areas east of the Mediterranean. MORE
He saw himself as if he had a mission similar to Jesus. Last night I helped Moses/Mohammed releasing a bit of the pain by showing him that he could use "The inner child technique" in the awful situation about his young sweetheart. It means, that he found out more about how he felt and how to be able to release when seeing the man he was then, outside of himself. He used his imagination to do so. He held his arms around the young Mohammed and spoke loving and forgiving words in his ear. I also helped him to use the 1. Key of Liberation; "I admit that I feel...MORE
By doing so, an avalanche of insights came to Moses/Mohammed and to me at the same time. 

When using the 1. Key, you realize exactly what you feel. By doing that, you get insights in what you need to let go of to set yourself free from pain. Among what you need, is to forgive yourself. 
The following was some of the pain that Moses/Mohammed had carried subconsciously inside of his soul, and that was revealed to him to understand himself.  (I have got his permission to tell it ):
He used the 1. Key like this:

"I admit that I feel that I cannot show my face because she cannot show her face".
"I admit that I feel that I don't want anybody to see my face, because I cannot face myself after what I did".
"I admit that I feel that I cannot bear to see her face because I feel it's my fault that she is blinded and mutilated."
"I admit that I feel that I can never walk straight anymore and look other people in their eyes."
"I admit that I feel that wherever I see, I always see her damaged face."
"I admit that I feel that I don't understand why God lets this happen to me."

Moses/Mohammed says in my ear: "I was so certain that I had to speak the truth publicly and had trusted that God would be there for me."
I answer him: But this awful happening showed you that God was not able to prevent an evil man from doing an awful misdeed to the one you loved. Because of that you created a denial in your psyche that you need to find out about."
Moses/Mohammed says: "I realize that Mohammed was programmed to believe in God and in the visions he got, so that when I was present in his body, that was my truth."
I continued to speak to him as Moses: "What is your basic understanding as a master?"
Moses answers me: "It is the understanding I got in the Egyptian Mystery school, when I learned how to direct matter by thought. I learned and trained myself to have a strong trust in myself and my own abilities. As an Egyptian I did not have one-god-belief. I was forced to take on a God belief when I was strongly pushed to lead the Jewish people out of Egypt."
Moses realizes that he has a contradictory belief system that he tried to compensate for his entire life as Mohammed.  He is very sad and in despair when realizing how strongly his energy has influenced the world in unfortunate ways. He realizes even more, that his emotions influence much of what is happening in the world now. He wants to tell and explain the truth to the Muslim world and has connected to some Arabic Imams, but it's difficult for them to understand this without knowing how the particles we consist of have been programmed.

I really want to tell and explain this to the Muslims, so if you are a person who can help me reach central persons in the Muslim world, please tell them that I communicate with Mohammed and that I have very much information that is important. The reason I am able to communicate with Mohammed and Moses, is that I have released my own emotional baggage and reached multiple enlightenment.

The masters have not realized until our time, that people, that are programmed to be the energy of one master, also get that master's painful emotions and negative ways of thinking in their subconscious memory! This is the way masters have started religions and directions within religions in the past, fully believing that they were able to lead the humans to better lives and conditions on Earth. However, there were several factors that the masters did not know up through history. They didn't know how the negative energies were operating, infiltrating all, actually ruling over all, including the masters' consciousness. The masters did their best according the circumstances.

In our time, they are finding out how the human beings they have led, are influenced by their own pain of the past. It is because of the particles' conscious way of communicating, that it happens! What one particle in a "universe" knows, all particles in that universe know, because they tell each other! (A universe here means a mutual understanding for a group of individuals.). That is why the Muslims have the same understanding, and in their case it's strong because Moses /Mohammed programmed strongly to lead the people who followed him.
(As I have told previously, Moses/Mohammed became opposite of others because of a lower energy of opposite character that operated behind his back. He didn't understand why things worked against him. MORE)

Actually, we all carry ways of thinking and feeling that occurred in the psyche of great master of creation (our Creator) at the time the human race was born.  It functions so, that we may be triggered by something happening because it reminds the particles of our soul about a memory that happened to our Creator! Then we conclude subconsciously that, "this is the way things are" - and it forms our personality. (This is too complicated to explain in few words, but will be one of the themes in my next book.)

When we as human beings, up through life, meet situations that reminds our soul about painful happenings from earlier lives that is in our cells' memory, our emotions are triggered. We remember the pain at a subconscious level and react accordingly. By that, our soul and cells start repeating the pain at a subconscious level. The painful emotions must be released, by facing it and forgiving ourselves and those who caused it.  If we don't release and let go, the emotional pain becomes negative thoughts that contribute to form our life in a negative direction. This is explained in my book that is available in Norwegian.( translated to English, but not yet published)

What is important to know, is that there are several masters who have done great mastery and have been leaders up through history. Some of them have huge significance for the humanity.  To make everybody get the same understanding, the humans were programmed to be the masters' energy. Unfortunately, up through history, there have been done many such programmings that led to more split and different ways of thinking. Today the huge challenge for the masters is to de-program as much as they can. WE all need to be ONE understanding and it needs to be the truth about the particles nature.

I am convinced, that in the future, scientists will lead regressions, help people travel back in time, connecting to their cells, to find out about the world history. I mean that it is just as important as archaeological excavations today. The world's history is stored in the human cells.


Inger Susæg, N-8289 Engeløya, Norway.

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