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How can I contrubute to our future?

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You can...

  • Start asking logic questions about existence that include particles' conscious abilities!
  • Activate all the good qualities leading to peace. It's really working when you do it with a clair intention, stating by your name that you are that quality. The particles respond! They want to be your soul components and remain with you when you fully believe that it is so and practice them.
  • Bring the the peace qualities to people you know, to your family, your working place, to your friends, find out what they really mean, how thay can work in you and for your society - and for the world!
  • Bring the good qualities to schools and teach them to children! Have fun with it, focus at one quality day by day, by letting them find out what it means by asking their parents, for example. Let them draw the Flower of Life pattern and visualize it thoroughly, see it spin!
  • Face your painful feelings as they show up in your daily life, using the Keys of Liberation
  • Think through your life and reflect on if there are circumstances you need to change your attitudes to... Are there things you need to ask forgiveness about? - Or are there things you can forgive? Are there things you need to forgive yourself about?

You can...

  • Share this website with friends and acquaintances.   

  • Create a link from your website to this site.  

  • If you have friends/connections in newspapers, magazines, radio or TV give them a tip about this new way of relating to Life, to science, to the world.

  • Do you know somebody who own a publishing house? Tip them about this website, help me publish my book "The Life energy and the secrets of the cells".

You can...

You can...


 A gift to Inger's work

A new book about Life energy, particle understanding and how to use the Keys of Liberation in your personal life is available in Norwegian. If you would like to publish it in your language, please contact me.

Inger Susæg

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