The Great Masters of Creation.
The origin of Life in our galaxy The Milky Way

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January 1st 2014


First of all, please understand, that life started in single particles and exists as ethereal life in four civilizations in our galaxy. We cannot perceive it with our physical eyes, so we have to think different from the way we do on Earth today, to explore both Life on our planet and in Space. To understand life is a matter of the particles' ability to spin in many different ways.

By this article, I will try to explain the history about our existence. I know... it’s a huge challenge, but the way the conditions are on Earth now, I feel that I have a huge responsibility to tell what I have achieved insight about as an enlightened person. (Enlightenment means that my cells have a high vibration and are able to get information by my energy field’s connecting to the universal consciousness. ) The way I see it, many of the prevailing perceptions that exist on Earth today, are based on information that is not true, although it has occurred from great thinkers and prophets in the past. There is a reason why there are so many belief systems on Earth. The root cause of the conflicts is much older than humanity.
This might be quite a challenge for you who read also, to believe in what I write. Of that reason, I ask you who read to actively open up to that it may be true. Let it sink and read it several times. I ask you to do it that way to give the particles that you consist of the possibility to get in alignment with what I tell. They know what is true, but they have been programmed not to reveal the truth to humanity. That is the reason the particle wisdom have not been known to humans earlier.
By the many years  I have worked to release old emotional baggage, I have achieved more and more insights in existence. Especially over the last three years, I have got more insights in how the particles are conscious. I have the ability to communicate with my soul and my cells. I also communicate with the great masters that created life on our planet. They now get forward to be themselves more and more after having been “imprisoned” inside an energy that came from another galaxy hundreds of thousands of years ago. The particles’ ability to communicate is fantastic. A master may be present in my energy field by one particle only. That only particle has the ability to tell my thoughts to the master and to communicate to me what he or she wants to tell. This happens most often by thought impulses, but I sometimes get pictures about what the master want to tell. This material is very comprehensive and it is a huge challenge to tell it briefly. However, one day, in a not so far future, I will write a book about it.

Bh is a master of manifestation by thought. The central particle of her mind was the origin of The Lemurian Universe. She has many good, strong qualities that are typical for her. She has all colours in the colour specter of qualities. Her universal understanding has developed from her studies of the qualities of particles in atoms and molecules.

Metatron is a master of manifestation by his wisdom about particles' abilities and about ethereal energy. He is a creating master who is the origin of the universe that developed in the planetary system of Sirius. He is the great ethereal teacher of this galaxy.

The Pleiadean Mother is a master of ethereal creation by thought. Her energy is origin to a big ethereal civilization that has its origin in one of the stars in the Pleiades. She has a broad spectre of good qualities. The Pleideans have been present around the Earth in the entire human history, but are now leaving.

Amaron is the master that created the physical life on our planet Earth. His origin was the Lemurian Universe, and he also adopted qualities and the wisdom of the Pleiades and Sirius, which he applied when creating Life here.

Michael is a master of creation and of heart energy. He was the origin of the Angel Kingdom (which now is dissolved).

Thoth is a master of creation by thought power.  He is the Lemurian Mother’s son. He is a great master who developed further when being in a physical body on Earth at the end of the Atlantis period. He moved to Egypt and started the magnificent Egyptian master culture. He was the master who built the great pyramid in Egypt – by thought power. Thoth is now the master holding the consciousness of the higher, ethereal dimensions around the earth, called the New Universe of The chambers of Human Rights. It means he is the leader of the space above most countries where dead people live and develop as ethereal beings after they die.

Moses is a master of creating by thought power. He is of Lemurian origin. He developed an even greater mastery in the Egyptian Mystery school so that he was able to manifest matter by thought power. He was the master that descended in the man Mohammed, to make him a prophet. He planned to make him a master, able to manifest, like he had done before, but did not succeed because of bad programmings done behind his back. More

Kryon is a master of manifestation by thought. He is son of Lemurian Mother and now the master holding the consciousness for the ethereal Lemurian Civilization as Lemurian Mother, Bh is present around the Earth to turn the development here into a good direction and take back her greatness. 

Bh’s Inner Child is an individual master of manifestation and has functioned as “Spirit of Hope and Dreams”  almost throughout the human history.

Ah is a master of manifestating physical matter by thought. He created the water on our planet Earth. He knows all atom- and molecule structures. He has his origin in the center of Cosmos. 

All these masters except Kryon have been parts of the energy we humans have called “God”, until recently. It means that they have partially been themselves, but most of the time not remembered who they were because they have been programmed to be a ruling energy that came from outside of the galaxy, long time before the human race was born. Still, they have done their best to give positive impulses to people. However, up trough history, they have not understood where negative ways of thinking and behavior came from. As they now are about to free themselves, the negative energy has become stronger on Earth, but they all agree on that they now win over the particles that came from outside when they cooperate and are true to the good qualities. To understand this, it's necessary to read the whole article to the bottom.

How life originated out of consciousness.
Long before the creation of water on our planet, three ethereal (invisible to the physical eye) civilizations arose in the part of Cosmos that today is our Milky Way galaxy. The three civilizations developed three different understandings and awarenesses of existence. It is likely that at that time, they developed three smaller galaxies which turned into one because of what happened later. Each of the three arose by one particle finding out more about themselves and existence than the particles around them. Each of them told the particles around them their discoveries, their “truths” and became the start of each of the three civilizations. The first particles in all three “civilizations” became master particles that still are the origin of life in our galaxy. The first particle decides and all the other particles in the same solar system agreed eventually. The masters agree on now, that the particles that are their soul essence / origin particle had special knowledge that made them able to form the start of their civilizations. Such a civilization in the ethereal dimension is called a universe. Thus, it is the mutual awareness / knowledge / values that is the “glue” in a universe! Later, the three civilizations for periods of time were joined…  Therefore, it’s perceived as one galaxy today. Our planet Earth has been their mutual arena for physical life.

The Lemurian Universe.
The great master that the Lemurian Universe developed from is called Bh. She was from the very start an androgynous master. It means that she had qualities that we today would say are both masculine and feminine. The very early society consisted of light beings of the same gender. The Lemurian Universe arose in a solar system in one of the stars in the constellation of the Lion. From the one particle that her essence is, many good qualities developed that eventually were everybody’s qualities. She found the qualities by studying the particles' abilities when creating matter! Among them were gratitude, loyalty, trust, equality, allowing each other, endurance, playfulness, joy. Later she developed love and care. Many other qualities developed in the light beings that she created.
The Lemurian Universe have also developed communication, and artistic abilities. During that period, she decided that a part of her soul would represent an inner child. When she created / developed new souls, she let them first be children who learned to develop. Eventually, as they learned and understood their existence, they were given qualities as adults. She developed her own inner child, whom she allowed to be playful, creative and to have many good qualities, among them, endurance.  Her inner child can, even today, separated from her mother, manifest by thought.

Bh had a great quality that made her one of the great creating masters from the very origin. She is able to manifest by absolute certainty and then let what she creates live by her love and thought’s power. At a point in time many million years ago, something happened that changed the history of the galaxy… and that actually influence life on Earth to a large extend today. I am very connected to the Lemurian Mother so she can speak in my inner ear. I let her speak with her own voice to tell what happened:

“Hundreds of thousands of years (cycles) in our perception today had passed in the Lemurian Universe and we had no contact with individuals from other universes. One day, an individual came to us from outside. His name was Ah. After having developed the Lemurian Universe as an individual master, I was open to share my knowledge with him, even if he came from outside. He showed me that he had master abilities much like my own. That led to, that we developed a two-gendered universe together. We developed man and woman. He got my qualities that I found the most masculine, as his own, because he had only a few.  Together we created many individuals, both male and female, that had the same basic qualities as ourselves. Then they developed themselves. Of those several are known to humanity because they have been co-creators on Earth. The masters Thoth and Moses were both born during that period in the Lemurian history.  

Ah did not manage in developing his inner child, so I gave him my Inner Child for a while to develop himself. I took over his inner child, to show that part of his soul how he could learn and understand. That way, he also got some of my feminine aspects. My Inner Child remained with him for a long time and learned a lot from him. However at a point in time, she was set free and started to function as an independent individual. Today she has a great role for humanity because she incarnated as the human being who writes this article.

Ah and I decided to give life to a special creating master together. He became a male individual that we gave all our best creating qualities. He became the master that created the first cell and thus through millions of years, he developed Life on Earth. His name today is Amaron. At the time he was created by us, his name was Anu. “

At a point in time, The Lemurians developed ethereal ships with which they can travel around.

The Universe of Sirius.
This civilization arose from a particle who especially started to discover the many ways particles are able to spin – and the ways they form patterns. That particle is the first particle in the mind of the Sirius Father, that Metatron's very origin name was. He developed from the very start, among others, kindness, patience, trust, curiosity for learning, ability to learn by observation, logic, sense of rhythm, structure. The master Sirius, whom everything emanated from, is today a great master of ethereal  wisdom and knowledge. For a period he was relating to the Angel Kingdom known by the name Metatron. He is the one who knows the most about 3-dimentional geometrical figures and all dimensions. There are 12 dimensions that represent more complexity the higher dimension/frequency. The most complex is the diamond structure. Within each dimension there are 12 layers of different frequencies. There is ethereal life at all those layers.  All particles have knowledge about all the dimensions in their basic nature and memory, from the origin of their existence.

At the Sirius civilization there are universities that teach this wisdom. They have ethereal “books” that are multiplied when needed. In their ethereal archives, are also parts of Earth’s history stored. The Sirians are very clever and they have developed a very high technology. They are for ex. able to scan books from our physical dimension. I have a close connection to them, for ex. one particle in my eye, can show what I see on Earth on a screen in their ethereal ships. All high technology that is developed on Earth has come as impulses and programmings from Sirius ships. What we experience as computer technology on Earth today has not existed, unless the Sirius scientists had programmed the particles to perform it. They can see and read from my screen as I write this :).

The ethereal civilization in the solar system of Sirius has enhanced high intelligence more than soul qualities. They live in cities as well as in the landscape at two of the planets of their solar system. They have medium sized ethereal ships and they have what they call “units”, much alike what we can see at pictures of “flying saucers”. They say that their big ships are like the one we could see in the TV-series Star Trek. It was inspired by impulses from them.

The Pleiadeans.
The master particle that the ethereal civilization in the Pleiades arose from, was called The Pleiadean Mother.  When she started to develop her universe, her first particle discovered something, that later has influenced life on Earth a lot, hundreds of thousands of years later. Her Soul essence discovered that it is very enjoyable and potential to love oneself. That was the very first quality in the Pleiadean Universe. (That is the quality that Amaron gave every single cell, so that cells are their own driving force by loving themselves.) In the Pleiades they also developed many good qualities, among them, care, helpfulness, sense of order, joy of giving, sense of fairness, ability to listen. Some of the qualities were the same as in the Lemurian Universe.  Many of the Pleiadeans have incarnated in human bodies up through history.

At a point in time, Ah left Bh and the Lemurian Universe. He went to the Pleiades and became The Pleiadean Mother’s husband. That happened probably very early in their development. The energy he had was partially Lemurian because he had got many of the Lemurians's qualities. That way, the Lemurian qualities became the qualities of many individuals in the Pleiades.


It was the Master Ah that created water on our planet. He told me that he came across this beautiful planet with so deep valleys and high mountains and got the idea to fill it with water. The water is constituted by the light particles that had origin in our sun. He, as a master had to calculate the right distance from the sun to let it be water. Later, the master Bh has moved the planet in relation to the sun several times up through ancient history, she says. Ah told me, that when he created water, the process went much faster than what he thought was possible! At the same time as water came into being on our planet, the sun light became weaker, because there were much less particles in the sun! The water thus consists of conscious particles of the same type that create and constitute the individuals / souls… The light particles of our sun.

Amaron, our Creator or Anu, that his name was then, travelled from the Lemurian civilization out into the galaxy and learned from the other civilizations. He had all the good qualities from the Lemurian Universe and he had A’s and Bh's master qualities. Then he learned both in the Pleiades and at Sirius. He had functioned as a creating master in the ethereal civilizations for thousands of “years” (cycles), before he started to explore the possibilities on the water planet. He had adapted the Pleiadeans’ self love and he had learned everything possible about the different dimensions and structures in the universities at Sirius.

When he came to the water planet that his father had created, he got the idea of placing ethereal energy inside physical matter, to see if he could make matter move! That led to the first plant cell. He is a very eager and powerful master and when he started the cell division , an enormous growth of plant material developed because of the programmings he did on the particles. He tells me, that when he had put into action what he meant would develop by itself, he went to Sirius to rest. (The masters travel by thought). The plant material grew in such a large extend that the planet was about to collapse when he came back! This was the origin of most of the plant material that today are the layers of oil that are inside the Earth. That too comes from particles of our sun, you know.

The Master Michael   As a rather young individual he started to travel out to learn and develop on his own even if his origin was the Pleidean kingdom. In our time he has found out that his first particle had origin in the center of Cosmos. He resided for a long time in Sirius where he learned everything about the ethereal energy and the dimensions. He developed sense of beauty as one of his most significant qualities. He also have most of the good qualities of the Pleiadean and the Lemurian civilizations. In addition, he is a master of dance, song and music, qualities he has developed by be-souling humans and letting them be his energy so that they became him when dieing. 

He was the one that developed the Angel Kingdom. The Angel Kingdom was situated as an ethereak dimension on a planet (that NASA has found in our galaxy), which has plants, but not physical individuals.  Michael no longer wants to be the leader of the Angel Kingdom. He has discovered that the Angels' way of selfless serving others,  led to imbalance. Those beings that were angels need to take care of themselves also. He has given all angels freedom to go back to their origins. They mainly came from Sirius and the Pleiades. The Angel Kingdom has now ceased to exist as ethereal civilization.

Michaels’s energy has been very significant up through the history of the human beings.  He has been the good energy in the heart when you do something true and right. Michael descended on Earth many thousands of years ago. As many other masters that have fallen, he fell in love and wasn’t able to get back to the high dimension. He died as a human. He left a part of himself and let that part become human. That human part of him has incarnated numerous times as human and at a point in time, Michael "lost" him.. not knowing where he was. During the last two years, Michael has found the lost part of himself. They will merge when the man dies and he will be able to release that part of his soul.

Master Ah. During the last Earth cycle (year), the truth about the origin of life in general has been remembered more and more. It is because many old programmings have been de-programmed and it’s because the masters have become aware of more and more how the negative energies have operated. It is now clear; things that happened very long time back has influenced the development in a negative direction especially the recent years. The thing is; when Ah came to Bh and her Lemurian Universe, he had left a civilization that he had started in another galaxy that had developed in a negative direction. The particles operated as infiltrating particles that stole, lied and manipulated to get power. They have appeared as beings that were wise, kind, and/or beautiful because they infiltrated such persons. – And then, when they got power as a being of another kind than themselves, that being would be gradually more and more unhappy/bad... and developed to be greedy and selfish.

Ah had a wish of experimenting at a very early stage of the cosmic development. He gave the particles of a solar system some negative qualities; he programmed them to be dishonest and lazy, so that they would contribute to give contrasts to other particles. However, one of the particles developed a very bad behavior and at a point in time it fooled him and took over the authority of those particles. They developed a consciousness very different form ours and are those particles I describe as negative or dark particles in my articles on this website.

The very bad particles managed to find Ah when he was with Bh in the Lemurian Universe. They infiltrated the first particle of his mind. This made him leave Bh and the Lemurian Universe. But that was not all… Bh was programmed in an utmost cruel way, a programming that has lasted until 2 years ago. She was programmed to succeed, only when she was them – the negative particles' energy. When she created as herself, she became “nobody”.  It meant that she was not seen and heard or given honor when she created as herself. The great Master and Mother Bh’s great soul family on Earth has been used / abused by the infiltrating, negative particles that fooled Ah to give them his authority… until now. All individuals of Bh’s family, even those of Amaron’s, our Creator’s energy has been perceived as “nobody” unless they were the energy that came from outside. It has caused conflicts inside all human beings during the entire history, until now. It has also led to the extreme unfairness on Earth.

The infiltrating, negative, false particles have always presented themselves as good and beautiful by spinning themselves towards right around their own axis. (clockwise). By that they have had a golden colour – which is creator color. Now they are actually dark. They have infiltrated clever, skilled, beautiful, influential and rich people. Those people have then had to fight against their ways of thinking and behavior. They occur as tempting thoughts, as thoughts that make you loose your own values and do bad things. They have, for 18 million years only been spinning clockwise and they have programmed themselves and those that they ruled over, to forget painful things -  to forget the past…instead of learning form their experiences, instead of realizing what they did wrong, realizing what hurt, instead of forgiving and spinning themselves leftwards, like Bh have done and taught everybody of her origin. The negative particles have operated in ways that they always let others do the work for them… laziness was one of the less good qualities that they had of their origin. These particles are now so dark that they keep repeating at a subconscious level of themselves, that they have nothing to live or die for. When a human being gets such a particle inside their energy system, they get very depressed. They might also loose their good values.

These negative particles have not until now been willing to release their emotional baggage – and they have tried to take over human beings. They have made most people on Earth deny that they need to take responsibility for their lives – for their own feelings. They have done whatever they can, to prevent the truth about particles to come forth to humanity. That is the main reason I have not been able to get through to people with my knowledge about release work and particles’ consciousness.

The negative particles developed among other things, the christ energy and healing energy.. and similar ways of thinking. They have thought that someone else can remove the pain from a being – or a particle… They have believed and made others believe, that someone else than yourself can fix things for you. The attitudes that are ruling the world today are very influenced by this negative energy…  We have to stop doing things their way. To be happy and feel well, we need to release the pain of our soul, we must face what we feel, forgive and let go of what hurts. This is necessary even at the particle level! All individuals that belong to the earth will during the next hundred years realize and understand this to set themselves free. That is the meaning of life! To develop. To learn from our experiences, to be honest with ourselves, to face what we need to do differently, when we did things that did not work.

After some time, The Pleiadean Mother was manipulated a similar way as The Lemurian Mother. However, she was looking like herself and perceived her self as herself, but was not able to understand that she was infiltrated and used by the negative particles. Her own people perceived her as herself also, and they didn't realize that they little by little lost their own good values when being in ethereal form. The Pleiadean Mother has loved and missed Ah through the entire period of human history. It has been her driving force to find back to him. She has let her people incarnate as human beings on Earth, being convinced that they brought the humans their good values and qualities. And so they did. I have actually discovered that the humans having Pleiadean souls have been true to themselves and their good values whilst being on Earth, but they were programmed to forget their human lives as soon as they died. - Thus they weren't able to look back and learn from their human experiences. The Pleiadeans in higher dimensions have been opposite of the humans and they had the negative ruling particles' perceptions without realizing that it was bad. This happened because the Pleiadeans thought about the humans that we were "bad" beings. (They were programmed to believe so, and in addition because of our energy field. When it is blocked by painful emotions, we may look rather dark or partially dark from the ethereal level, as if we are bad, even if we may be normal, good people, doing our best. It has not been understood in ethereal dimensions dimensions until recently that emotions like sadness or guilty conscience look dark at the soul level.)

The Pleiadeans are now separated from our universe. It means that the Pleiadeans who have incarnated here will leave the Earth and our solar system as soon as they die.  The Pleiadean universe is being restored by the great star of Alkyone, one of the stars in the Pleiadean system, the seven stars. Previously, they have lived in one very big an many small ships, able to float around in the galaxy. They are not allowed to do that any more. They have only one ship and their civilization is situated by a planet which is the only planet of their sun.

Ah now works actively to pull back the negative particles to the solar system outside of our galaxy where they came from. Out of the Earth atmosphere,  out of people and everywhere on Earth. They cannot stay here, because they don't know how to co-create cells or ethereal energy. They have been here as parasites and are totally dysfuntional. The masters in charge have only one choice when it comes to them: To bring them back to the sun where they came from, to be of light, like they were at the morning of time.  Ah himself work continuously to release his own pain to see how to handle tings as they occur.

Maybe you wonder how Jesus fit in, in this presentation. Jesus was a master of manifestation when he lived on Earth. He had our Creator's creating power within his being. He grew up as one man, by the initiation into mastery he was doubled by another great soul and our Creator's energy.  Both were born on Earth as sons of our Creator and parts of Bh's energy and had lived many master lives before the life as Jesus. The soul that joined Jesus the last 3 years of his life was born as the first monkeylike human, waking on two feet (Neanderthal type). The first of a human kind that was born as a baby on Earth.
The two different individuals who was Jesus the years he was teaching have for a long time been parts of "god" by their higher soul part while their inner children incarnated as humans more than 30 years ago. They have now both chosen to be the men that they are on Earth and want to live normal lives as human beings. They need to discover that they can release their emotional pain and be the masters that they actually are. (They have both been masters on Earth when being Pharaohs and Greek gods.)
I recommend to see Jesus' life as history now. Religions must fade. His energy is no longer the founder of a religion, you see. Within some dacades it will be completely gone and the new universal consciousness will show the way to particle understanding and the true knowledge about the Masters. All the religions were based on attempts to fight the negative particles' ways, by the great masters that were present around the earth simultaneously.

Inger Susaeg
(In Norwegian: Inger Susæg)