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Inger Susaeg coaches in how to start using the Keys of Liberation

To be responsible for our lives, we need to understand how the feelings, body and mind are connected and how our psyche works.  The best way is to start using the keys when an unpleasant feeling occurs in your daily life. This may be a challenge, but believe me, it is the door openers. Simply realize, that your feelings are only yours! Thoughts are creating energy. Know, that your wounds and the subconscious thoughts that have developed from them, create new similar situations in your life until you release. 
So when you experience situations that make you react emotionally, you can find
what is inside of you. By stopping, reflecting and realizing thoroughly when you feel pain, doors start to open.  See it as a sport, a competition with yourself!  There may be a situation at your working place, a conflict within the family or simply uncomfortable thoughts and emotions that keep returning.
When we understand how the situation trigger our emotions are created by our own subconscious thoughts and feelings, we understand that those situations show us the way to our inner landscape.  We can find situations that happened long ago because we carry the memory in our cells, even if our conscious mind have forgotten.  The work is incredibly exciting... You won't need detective stories anymore!

First position - here and now

The first thing you need to do, is to sit down and feel the emotion. Recognize what you feel and put it in words: I realize that I feel... Realize everything you feel in detail and why you feel that way. Say it in many ways, and you will discover that some ways hit better than others. Be honest with yourself and do this thoroughly with everything you feel. You see, when you sit down to do this, more emotions might show up. If they are painful, none of them serve you to carry. They come to the surface when you give yourself time, when you allow yourself to feel..

As you acknowledge your emotions you might start getting pictures from memories in your mind. You also might start seeing how this emotional pattern that you are unveiling is creating situations in your life, by seeing a row of memories. We call them parallels.

Suddenly you might remember a painful childhood memory. You see and know immediately that you have come to the roots of these particular feelings, the oldest wound that needs to be healed first of all. Go there by your imagination, be present in the memory and be fully the one you were then. Then the feelings come flowing as soon as you start realizing. Your soul is actually there, because it is the soul's nature.

If you don't remember any specific situation, but still have those feelings, you can use a pendulum for help. Bring your feelings from the present along and ask your higher consciousness for help. Use your intuition. Read more on the button, "Finding the memory".

Second position,  accepting that it happened, realizing what you feel.

Stay in the memory and admit all your feelings by saying it out loud, if you can. That works the best. (You need to be alone whan releaseing.)  The more thoroughly the better. Are there things you need to realize that you have not been willing to feel because it was to painful? Be honest with yourself!

The basic is to say:  I realize that I feel... and then all the feelings. This is the sentence we recommend to use. It is NOT enough, just to feel it or to list them. You have to use the word realize, admit or a similar words that works for you for each of the emotion coming up.  Remember to find WHY for bee that way. Say things in different ways until you hit the feeling fully and repeat the sentence until the feeling fades. (If it is very painful so that you cannot stop crying, please take a break and let your energy system work for you a while. You calm down and when you go back to the situation, you will feel that the pain has let go.

Many of the feelings might be rather complicated, so take your time. You will realize that the feelings and the memory may be of a different kind that what you thought at first. The sentences may get 2 and 3 links, for example: I realize that I feel a deep grief because I feel unworthy. Or, I realize that I feel ashamed that I am not able to take responsibility. All variations of feelings are hidden inside of us! You need to find your combinations and unlock the codes of your life!

Third position, comforting the inner child (or adult)

When you feel that you have emptied yourself, feeling calmer, move into this position: Be the one you are today and see yourself from outside, as if you are in the picture. Sit down with yourself. Take yourself on the lap or hold your arms around you. Empty the space by removing the people involved and create a place to sit down if there isn't one already. You are the master of your life! This works for real. Be then and there fully.

Say to yourself: I love you just the way you are. I love you, even if you feel sad.... I love you even if you feel that you aren't good enough, even if you want to die... and so on.
(say the things you really felt).
Then take time to say all the loving words you can to your soul. Your soul need to hear. Imagine you whisper in the ear of the person you were then: "I am proud of you, it is OK. Your nature is pure love. You just had to try out something else. You are made of love, my wonderful ....." use your own name!

If you haven't got in contact with your inner child's emotions before, you do it now. If you in this posision start crying, you need to go back to the first position to admitting/realizing all the feelings coming up. Very often, when we see ourselves from outside, our conpassion is awakened and we really get to the depth of ourselves. We warmly recommend to do this. This is what really heals your wounds!

Fourth position, forgiveness

When you feel that you have accepted all the feelings and you feel calmer, there might still be a feeling of unease...? You always need to forgive or/and ask of forgiveness.
In most cases, the very first you need is to forgive yourself. Our culture didn't teach us to take care of ourselves. Feel and think through. Be in the memory whilst doing all the forgiving. At the same time, bring your mature you, reasonable you. This is necessary.

Bring in the persons in your story one by one and say out loud what you feel, without blaming. (If you blame, you need to go back to accept your need to blame and forgive yourself. Is there still guilt in you that make you do that?) Tell them that you forgive them because you see that they carry their own baggage from their own childhood and that you understand that their wounds made them do what they did.

Forgiving ourselves and each other is lovely!

People we have met might tell us that they have forgiven their parents for what they felt they did to them, but when it come to the certain situations, they see that the anger or bitterness towards their parents is still there. It needs to be done 

Some might have a perceptions of their parents that they are perfect so they deny the feelings from their childhood. This is not a matter of accusing, dear friends, it is a matter of forgiving! Nobody is "perfect"! We don't need to be perfect! We need to allow each other as well as ourselves to be loved, even if we are not perfect.

Know, that everybody do the best they can according their belief systems and baggage. That is very important. Know that everybody is on their path in the great school of life. All have different baggage and upbringing. We don't know what the others feel or think. We know, however, that they are a part of the same huge, organism that we are. When we all start thinking differently, everybody will take care of themselves, giving each other freedom...........!

By starting taking responsibility for our feelings, forgiving and setting free ourselves and others we start a very huge and important development for the entire humanity. The more people who see this, the more we create a wonderful community together.


Release stories from 2004

"I was working on a pain in my hips, knowing something was coming up to be released.  I have had tension in my hips since I was a young girl.  As I this time traveled down to this area of my body, I got the message: You are thinking negatively about other people…
I knew that I had to find out more.  I got the impulse to go to a performance.  As I was sitting, listening to a person speaking that day, an old familiar feeling that I never liked came up.  It was followed by thoughts that I always have tried to get rid of. (Now I know that returning thoughts are the best messengers because they represent energy that is stuck…)  It was negative thoughts about the person who was speaking.  I knew this was the message to me.  Here was my negative pattern shown to me!  When I thought back, my hips and thighs very often were very tense when seeing performances of all kinds.  As I was sitting listening that day I just knew that I was angry, bitter and felt not good enough when people were skilful…

When I got home, I immediately lay down and went into that part of my body, knowing that there had to be a secret waiting for me. The picture coming up was from the gymnastic group I joined when I was 14 years of age.  One day a new leader was presented to the group.  She was a skilful person who wanted to make a competing group of the best girls.  She observed us all, and at the end of the training she picked out the best girls she wanted to give extra training to.  At that time we were three friends, nearly always hanging together… my two best friends were picked out to be in this elite group.  I wanted so much to be in the group with them, so I asked this new leader if I could join and she said it was all right.  During the next months I exercised really hard, I tried the best I could to be as good as the others… Gymnast exercises, however, weren’t really the thing for me, and one day the leader came to me after the training and asked me not to come to the gymnast training any more. This was the moment of total disaster.  The pain and shame I felt was so total, so awful that I simply could not feel it… I immediately locked the feelings into my system, into my body where I created a thought pattern that I have carried for almost 40 years!

When the picture came up, I went back to the place, the atmosphere of the locker room of the gymnasium and the eyes of the other girls. In the beginning I used the word accept. You can choose to use the word realize, if you think that feels better.
I worked with the first tool about like this:

I accept that I feel that I am not good enough.
I accept that I feel that I am clumsy and chubby
I accept that I feel that the others are much better than I am.
I accept that I feel that the others pity me.
I accept that I feel that I hate the leader
I accept that I feel that she is stupid
I accept that I feel ashamed
I accept that I feel that I am never good enough
I accept that I feel a deep grief of never being good enough

It was my feeling of inferiority that made me think negative about others!

I went into the feelings of 40 years back and I repeated and repeated everything until I felt it all dissolved and I was set free, and the energy started to flow… Many tears were shed, but a wonderful feeling spread throughout my body accompanying the healing work.  I knew that this release of a deeply entrenched pattern would need time to leave me completely, and that my system would need to repeat the releasing to allow the energy to integrate these ‘new’ ways of flowing."

An entrenched conviction can be turned around
I know that everything around me speak to me about how my subconscious belief patterns make my experiences in life, so I welcome events and situations that make me react with my feelings.  I know I am made of pure unconditional love, which is the nature of the life force. All events that do not reflect love and trigger my emotions are signals. Signals may come to me from everywhere in me surroundings.  They may come from a movie or television program, a meeting with a friend, an accident, a letter etc.

 "I saw a movie on the television last night.  Through the years I’ve always had a tendency to cry when seeing movies, even the smallest touching scene would make my tears flow.  I had gradually accepted that this is the way I am…  But it has sometimes given me thoughts about why I am like that. Were there hidden things in me that caused all these tears? 

 This movie was about a mature woman (of my age) and how she developed a relationship with a much younger man.  It was a beautiful movie and I enjoyed it.  When the two of them at the end of the movie had overcome all the obstacles and were getting married, I found myself crying on the sofa… again!  In other words… I had a wonderful opportunity to look at what this was about.  After having turned off the TV I closed my eyes and went into my feelings.  The recognition came immediately.  I didn’t really believe that anybody ever wanted to be my boyfriend or my husband.  The feeling that came up had its root in my old pattern of not being worthy of love… again!  It also had its roots in repeated experiences... This is a pattern I thought I had let go of, but as I have been on this journey for a while, I have discovered that the deepest fears have many layers to go through before they are completely gone.  This was a great relief to see.  I used the tools about like this:

 I accept that I believe that nobody wants to be my sweetheart.  I accept that I believe that I’ll never get married. I accept that I feel that nobody is ever going to love me.
I forgive you, for believing that nobody wants to be your sweetheart. I forgive you, for believing that you’ll never get married. I forgive you, for feeling that nobody ever is going to love you.
I love you even if you think that nobody will love you… I know you are loved and will be loved even more!  I love you just the way you are!
I now let go of this... (repeated what I felt) and see it disappear like a white bird flying up into the Universe.
I repeated all the sentences until I felt they were true to me.
I felt a wonderful joy spread throughout my body..."

There and then I saw the pattern very clearly... the more I accepted I could see my own ways of feeling and thinking. Still, later I had to see the roots and release them in a former lifetime.